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Women Producers Bundle
Introducing… the Women Producers Bundle.

2x250g bags

Two stunning coffees, supporting women in coffee agriculture.

Created by @olamcoffee, Café Delas is based on the idea that given better access to resources traditionally held out of their reach, and an equal voice in leadership, women will not only produce fine specialty grade coffee, they will create positive impacts within their families and communities as a result. Café Delas aims to close the gap for women in areas such as leadership, income, decision making and resources. This particular coffee carries notes of rich chocolate, dried fruit, sugar cane and nuts.

With notes of chocolate, rosehip, gooseberry and black tea, this coffee is produced by women farmers as part of the Rwanda KCRS Womens’ Cooperative. There are some male members of the families but the women took over ownership and charge of the land. The support that a small holder farmer often relies on has found to flourish under this structure and it is often now used as a methodology to help improve the coffee on a farm if an individual is struggling.

Women Producers Bundle