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Thank you for purchasing your Virtual Coffee Tasting Event Pack

Your support really means a lot to us at this time and we hope you'll enjoy what we've got lined up for you.

In your pack, you have five mystery coffees from our range. We think coffee tasting works best if you have no preconceptions about what you are about to taste so we recommend keeping them a secret until the event but if you're desperate to know beforehand, just drop us a message and we'll tell you.

How the event works and what you will need

We will take you through each coffee in a 'taste along' style. This means we will give you plenty of time to brew each coffee while we talk you through it.

This is a completely interactive event so there will be chances to ask questions and share your thoughts throughout.

You can of course just sit back, watch and enjoy the tasting but we would love for you all to play along. You will need the following ready to take part:

-One brewing method to brew your coffee. We suggest a cafetiére or V60 drip for this particular session however any method will work fine.

-7.5g of each coffee, ground. If you're unsure of grind size, we will cover this at the start of the session.

-Access to boiling water to brew your coffees with

-5 clean cups (unless you're a super speedy pot washer)

-'Zoom' app downloaded on to your preferred device

-An open mind!

We will post the joining instructions in this box below at least 15 minutes before the session starts.

If you have any issues joining the Zoom Meeting, please speak to us using the Live Chat function at the bottom of this page.



MEETING ID 631-408-1328


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